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How we assist our students

PCI's focused training program gives our students a real opportunity to gain a more thorough insight into their chosen field – so that upon graduation, they have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to succeed in a new and rewarding career.

PCI is Houston's premier educational training institution dedicated to preparing its graduates to succeed in obtaining employment in their chosen field. Our goal is to provide every individual, with the right and privilege to be as successful in life as they can possibly be.

In order to achieve these goals, PCI pledges to each and every one of our students the following:

  • To provide an education which will not only increase their potential in the business world, but also help enrich their personal life
  • To utilize current industry training equipment and instruments to ensure real world, quality of training.
  • To provide an opportunity for PCI students to achieve a skill level limited only by his/her ability and desire.
  • To provide hands-on quality training from instructors who are experienced in their field.
  • To provide a highly qualified student services/job placement department to fully prepare and assist our graduates in their job search efforts.

Why PCI?

    Start earning money you can be proud of in less time than other similar programs.
  • Why spend more time?
    Graduate from PCI in as few as 7 months.
  • Start working!
    At PCI, our job placement department is continuously finding job opportunities in the Greater Houston Area.
  • We have been educating the Houston community for over 18 years!
  • We offer small classroom settings.